An Easter Parable

My son has a small stuffed dolphin that he got when we were in Mexico.  He loves his dolphin!  Dolphie, as he calls him, accompanies us almost everywhere we go these days.  Most recently he came with us to our Maundy Thursday dinner at church.

After the dinner, he was outside playing with some of the other kids.  When I went out to take him home, he told me that Dolphie had been thrown up onto the church roof.  They had been playing and one of the kids had thrown him too high.  Well, I tell you – he was distraught!  He sobbed most of the way home.  “Will I ever see Dolphie again?” he asked.  I told him I didn’t know.

Sunday morning came and we were back at church.  Shortly after our meal was done, one of the children rushed into the fellowship hall.  “Adam found your dolphin!”  She pulled Dolphie out from behind her back and gave him back.  My son could not believe the Dolphie was returned to him.  He kept saying how glad he was.  How he had thought he might never see Dolphie again and now he was here again.

On the way home we talked about how his experience could be like the disciples’.  My son thought that his beloved dolphin was gone forever; the disciples thought Jesus was gone forever.  (Not to make light of Jesus’ death – for a 6 year old, their love of a stuffie is an intense thing!)  Three days later, Dolphie was retuned.  And Christ is risen.  Indeed.

— Easter, 2010 —


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